Mar 26

Filling Out NCAA Tournament Brackets For Money At Work? | Employment Attorney Says There Are Risks

OMAHA (FOX42KPTM) – An Omaha employment attorney has a strong warning for anyone thinking about organizing a workplace office pool for the NCAA basketball tournament this week: playing for money is tempting fate.

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“If there’s any type of consideration or a prize given, they’re illegal,” said Raymond Aranza, employment attorney. “I tell employers to steer clear of something like that.”

Lawsuits could also follow among other pitfalls.

“You have to watch out for whistleblowers, too.”

Across the river in Iowa similar rules also exist. Workplace gambling and making money off a tournament bracket is against the law. It’s why Aranza says the risk isn’t worth it.

“You have to be really careful.”

Aranza told FOX 42 News Monday the bigger the pool means there’s an increased chance you’ll get caught. Online gambling could even prompt federal agencies to get involved, which could lead to a fine and/or jail time.