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immigration lawyer Omaha Allison Heimes can be found at the law office of Marks Clare Richards in Omaha, NE.

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Immigration Lawyer Omaha, NE | Allison Heimes

Allison Heimes is an Immigration Lawyer in Omaha, NE with the law firm of Marks Clare & Richards.  With both an MS in Government Organization in addition to her Juris Doctorate (JD) from the Creighton Law School, she possesses the knowledge to take on the detail heavy issues of government and administrative law.  She is licensed to practice law in both Nebraska and Iowa.  She practices Immigration Law (including immigration court defense, case appeals, family based petitions, obtaining residency and citizenship, adjustment of status issues, and work permits).  This immigration lawyer also handles Special Immigrant Juvenile Petitions, which include the attendance of county and/or district court proceedings in family court and probate court.

As an avid student of the ever changing landscape of our laws, Allison also keeps atop the areas of Criminal Law, and enjoys the challenge of criminal defense regarding misdemeanors, traffic violations, DUI / OWI / OUI defense, and the occasional felony case.

While working on her MS, she worked on a high profile murder case at Offutt Air Force Base (just outside of Omaha, NE).  While still in law school, she successfully presented an argument in front of the Nebraska Court of Appeals, walking away with a win.  “It was awesome,” she said.  The experience continues to fuel her to deliver positive results for her clients.

Allison Heimes’ Professional Drive

It is easy to see why Allison has chosen to focus on immigration law.  She is driven by the idea that “no human is illegal.”  She carries a deep empathy for people who desire to live, work, thrive, and grow their families in the United States.  She is filled with a deep sense of pride and joy in helping immigrants achieve the American Dream.  “I was fortunate enough to have been born here.  I hope to help other people succeed through the opportunities life in the US can give them.”

As a humanitarian, Allison has an especially soft heart for immigrant children.  Understanding that they have experienced so much in their short lives, she aims to help them make the US their permanent home.  Ever the big sister to these children, Allison helps them eventually naturalize and attend their citizenship ceremonies.  To have them know her by name and to attend their high school graduations is one of her deepest personal satisfactions from her professional career choice.  “If I am their lawyer, I am going to completely invest my time and energy into their continued success.”

Allison is most in her element in the heat of litigation.  Observed as keeping her cool during high stress moments by attorney Kristina Murphree, she was coined “fearless.”  This compliment has sunk in deep; Allison aims to forever live up to the accolade.  She pays great attention to her presence and demeanor, understanding the impact it can have on a case’s flow and on her clients’ confidence and stress levels.  She uses this focus to remain poised and collected in the courtroom.  The rush of public speaking motivates her to do her due diligence, and show up extra prepared for a trial.

Allison Heimes’ criminal law focus:

Often in the dedicated practice of an area of law, an attorney must branch into other areas to best serve a client.  This is where Allison’s focus on criminal defense comes into play.  Forever looking to properly prioritize her clients’ goals, she is willing to have difficult conversations.  “Are you looking to minimize your immigration consequences?  Are you trying to keep your job ?  Are you trying to stay out of jail above all else?”  Allison seeks clarity on her clients’ goals, and does her best to make sure the outcome of each case is one her client is happy with.

Attorney Heimes’ approach to the law:

Never willing to let her dedication to her clients and profession slide, Allison always puts her whole heart into her cases.  She is a strong advocate for due process, understanding that delayed court proceedings means prolonged stress and suffering to her clients.  No matter how uncomfortable the situation in or out of the courtroom, if this lawyer sees an unjust situation, she is ready and willing to challenge it.

Allison Heimes’ dedication to her clients:

“It is so important to do the research, dig for the facts, challenge the allegations against my client, and keep in constant communication…”  Allison is determined to ensure her clients know what is going on with their cases at all times.  Them being in the dark regarding the process or an outcome is unacceptable.  “No two cases are the same, so it is my job to really make sure I treat each one with the care and attention it deserves in order to reach the desired outcome.”

Attorney Allison Heimes’ personal side:

Unlike her poker face in the courtroom and across the negotiation table, Allison is a very expressive person.  Her friends and co-workers can easily locate her by listening for her laughter.

Fairly sure she wanted to become an attorney while obtaining her undergraduate degree, she committed to her goal of becoming an attorney while working for an insurance company.  She enjoys television and cinema revolving around the legal world – always has.  “I need facts and I am rather inquisitive… I suppose these were signs that I should be a lawyer.”

Allison Heimes draws strength, wisdom, and inspiration from all around her.  One of her biggest role models is Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  “Her fire and passion for the law.  Her unapologetic attitude…”  But as great as Ginsburg is to her, Allison’s biggest role model will always be “Mom.”  “She has a strength that I can only hope to display from time to time.  She was always a working mom, a bread winner, educated, intelligent, and pushed me to ignore naysayers and never let anyone tell me I can’t do something because of my gender.  In the toughest of times she has shown great strength and poise.  I wouldn’t be the woman I am today if it wasn’t for her never letting me doubt that I deserve respect and that sometimes I will need to demand it.  I gave her hell growing up only to grow up to want to be just like her.”

Allison is happy to have a loving family.  They enjoy campfires, football games, sand volleyball, boating and more.  She is forever making the bonds of her community that much tighter as a volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the Boys and Girls Club.  They are “Great organizations with kids who need mentor-ship.”

Areas of Practice

    • Immigration Law
      • Immigration Court Defense
      • Immigration Case Appeal
      • Family Based Petitions
      • Obtaining Residency & Citizenship
      • Adjustment of Status Issues
      • Work Permits
      • Special Immigrant Juvenile Petitions
    • Criminal Defense
      • Misdemeanor Offenses
      • Traffic Violations
      • DUI / OWI / OUI
      • Felony Offenses


BA in Political Science | University of Nebraska (Omaha)
(Minor in French)

JD & MS | Creighton School of Law

Additional Legal Training

Training in DUI defense through the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers® (NACDL)

Community Service

Volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters

Volunteer at Boys & Girls Club

Bar Admissions & Professional Memberships

Iowa State Bar

Nebraska State Bar

Federal District Court of Nebraska Immigration Court

8th Circuit Court of Appeals

Member: Nebraska Criminal Defense Attorneys Association (NCDAA)

Member:  American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)

Board Member:  Young Alumni Council