The Nebraska Court Of Appeals Affirmed Judgments In Favor Of Marks Clare & Richards’ Clients In Will Contests

On September 16, 2014, the Nebraska Court of Appeals upheld the award of summary judgments, by the Probate Court, in favor of Marks Clare & Richards’ clients, family members of the deceased, Johanna M. Morrell. The first summary judgment invalidated a Will giving all of Ms.Morrell’s estate to a non-family member who had been financially and emotionally abusing her. That Will was drafted by the abuser’s own attorney, and thus, was the product of undue influence. The other summary judgment upheld an earlier Will giving the deceased’s property to her family, clients of the law firm. Steven J. Riekes, David P. Wilson, and Jennifer Turco Meyer, of Marks Clare & Richards, L.L.C., tried the case to the Probate Court and defended the appeal before the Nebraska Court of Appeals. Click here to read more.