New Deferred Action Program | Anuncio del Presidente en Inmigración

On Nov. 20th, the President announced changes to immigration policy and programs that may affect several million people. There is a new deferred action program for parents of citizens or residents who have been here for 5 years. The existing deferred action program for childhood arrivals has been expanded, and eliminated the upper age limit and reduced the residence time to 5 years. A few other programs have been expanded or affected by this announcement, including the provisional waiver program for those who are consular processing, parole for military members and families, and ICE enforcement priorities. If you have any questions about how this announcement may affect yourself or a loved one, please call us for a free consultation.

Hay información adjunta en Español sobre el anuncio del Presidente sobre los nuevos programas de inmigración: Anuncio del Presidente en Inmigración

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