Criminal Defense Attorneys experienced and skillful representation when your freedom and your future is on trial

Because Nebraska imposes harsh sentences on those convicted of crimes, you need to take immediate action if you or a loved one is accused of a crime.  A criminal conviction can adversely affect your life far into the future, well beyond when your sentence is completed.  You may be denied employment.  You may be denied housing.  You need effective legal criminal defense representation right from the start to protect your rights and to minimize, if not eliminate, the adverse consequences of a criminal conviction.

We treat all of our clients with respect and dignity.  Perhaps—

  • You did not commit the crime you are accused of
  • You did not know that your actions were criminal
  • You did not know the severity of the penalty for your actions
  • You were not of clear mind when you did the criminal act, as is the case when under the influence of alcohol
  • You did what you did simply thinking that you would not get caught

It really does not matter to us.  Our job is to get the accusations against you dismissed, or alternatively to minimize the consequences.

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys are skilled negotiators

Our criminal defense attorneys are skilled at negotiating dismissals and plea agreements with prosecutors.  If we negotiate a plea agreement, your attorney will explain to you the consequences of accepting the plea agreement along with the risks and benefits of alternative outcomes so that you can make an informed decision.

We are also Aggressive Criminal Trial Attorneys

If you choose not to accept a plea agreement, or if the prosecution is unwilling to negotiate one, your case goes to trial.  It is the state prosecutor’s burden to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  We know how to build a strong defense.  We anticipate the prosecution’s tactics, raise doubt about the prosecution’s case, and forcefully defend you based on—

  • Actual innocence
  • Excuses and justifications
  • Procedural defenses
  • Innovative defenses

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