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Everyone has ideas about future financial and medical decisions, but few execute them into a well laid out estate planning portfolio.  We help put those ideas into an individualized estate plan to ensure your family understands and follows your wishes.  At Marks Clare & Richards, LLC, we work with you to address your concerns and create a personalized estate plan.

Wealth Transfer Planning, Medical Decisions, and Estate Administration

At Marks Clare & Richards, LLC, we work to create an estate plan that minimizes tax liability and accomplishes your objectives.  We assist you with the following—

  • Last will and testament—Occasionally a simple will is all that is necessary to transfer your belongings to loved ones.   We help you evaluate these goals and draft a will that meets your needs.
  • Trusts—We assist clients with various tax minimizing and wealth transfer trusts, from basic trusts, such as living trusts, pour-over trusts, revocable trusts, and charitable remainder trusts, to complex trusts such as Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts (GRATs ), irrevocable life insurance trusts, and Qualified Personal Residence Trusts (QPRTs).
  • Medical decisions—Living wills, healthcare directives, and durable powers of attorney can be effective mechanisms to ensure your medical decisions are handled as you would like.  If a loved one is no longer able to make medical decisions, we can help you establish a guardianship so that you can make medical decisions for him or her.
  • Financial decisions—A financial power of attorney will designate a loved one to handle your financial needs when you are unable.  We can help you consider and create a proactive power of attorney.  If a loved one is no longer able to make financial decisions, we can help you create a conservatorship over your loved one’s property so that you can make financial decisions for him or her.
  • Probate—We can help you resolve all matters of an estate so that transfers of your loved one’s assets and legacies can be completed efficiently.  We manage estate and trust litigation, estate taxes, and other matters within estate administration.

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