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Pursuing compensation and justice for Nebraska victims of medical malpractice through medical mistakes and negligence

You entrusted your health and medical care to the doctor and hospital.  Now because of their negligence resulting in medical malpractice, you face serious health problems that may have been avoidable.  You deserve to understand what went wrong and to obtain compensation for the consequences.

When a medical professional’s care is substandard and it results in injury or death to a patient, the medical professional should be held accountable.  As experienced and compassionate medical malpractice attorneys, we work to obtain rightful compensation for you and your family for—

  • Misdiagnosis—Did a doctor’s misdiagnosis of cancer or other disease result in unnecessary surgery, medical care, and medical expenses?
  • Failure to diagnose—Did a doctor’s delayed diagnosis of cancer or other disease result in a fatal condition that may have been treatable if diagnosed sooner?
  • Birth injury—Did a doctor’s failure to recognize fetal distress, delayed decision to perform a C-section, or negligent delivery techniques result in a tragic permanent injury to your child?
  • Surgical error—Did a scalpel slip, was the wrong surgery performed, was surgery performed on the wrong body part, or other surgical negligence result in more damage and further need for medical care or surgery?
  • Hospital or nursing home negligence—Did lack of hospital or nursing home procedure result in insufficient care, untimely care, or lack of care causing serious illness or injury?

You now realize that something went wrong.  However, medical professionals will rarely explain what went wrong or how it went wrong.  It is only human to want to know more.  We have the resources and the commitment to help clients find these answers.  Once we understand what happened, we work to get you compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

We cannot undo their wrong, but we can help obtain monetary resolution.  We do not take a case unless we believe that your serious injuries were caused by someone else’s negligence.  Your initial consultation is free and if we take your case, you pay no legal fees unless we get compensation for you.

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