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What we do for you

Are you suffering from personal injury? If you are contemplating pursuing a legal case, then you are likely under a great deal of stress right now.  Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed is understandable, and we can help you get through this difficult time.

Let us explain what an experienced injury attorney in Omaha from our firm can do for you.

An Injury Lawyer in Omaha guides you through the process

First, our Marks Clare & Richards,LLC lawyers ask that you come in for a free consultation, in which we go over the details of your case and answer any questions.  We then provide an honest assessment of your case.

If it is appropriate for you to pursue fair compensation, our Omaha personal injury lawyers proceed to the second step, which is collecting information.

We ask you to bring in all paperwork related to the case—medical bills and records, police reports, insurance information, witness statements, records of lost income, and any other information that can help support your claim.  We prepare every case as if it were going to trial, even if it doesn’t end up there.

Next, we notify the defendants that a claim is being filed against them.  As one of the most experienced Omaha personal injury law firms, we then participate in a process called discovery, in which the parties share documents and information about the case and depositions are taken.  It is also where the defendant may agree to negotiate and settle the case, rather than pursue a court trial.

If the defendant is not open to negotiation, our personal injury lawyers in Omaha advocate strongly for your rights in court to maximize your compensation.  If necessary, we can also launch an appeal.

Our Omaha Personal Injury Law Firm Can Help

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