We are experienced in counseling public housing authorities, small and large

For many years, we have given legal counsel to public housing authorities of various sizes concerning a wide variety of issues.  These matters range from the general relationship between the city and the housing authority, including issues such as the appointment of commissioners, to such matters as the responses to complaints and H.U.D. investigations concerning allegations of discrimination.

Our expertise is frequently sought on these matters because Mr. Steven J. Riekes was the principal drafter of not only the current Nebraska Public Housing Agency Act, but also all prior major revisions of previous public housing legislation.  He was also a principal drafter of the Model Housing Agency Act commissioned by the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO), and was a principal drafter of major revisions to the Louisiana Public Housing Authority Act.  He is also a past president of the Housing and Development Law Institute of Washington, DC, and continues to serve on its board of directors.  He has written and lectured extensively in this area.

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If you are a public housing agency executive director or serve on its board of commissioners, and you believe that your agency is in need of legal advice, please call Steven J. Riekes of Marks Clare & Richards, LLC at 402-492-9800 or contact him online.


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