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When an individual or a business acquires substantial wealth, proper consideration is necessary to minimize tax liabilities.  At Marks Clare & Richards, LLC, a tax planning attorney will work with you to create and implement an effective tax planning strategy.

Taxes can substantially reduce the amount of wealth you have accumulated and intend to transfer to others.  By maximizing advantages found in tax laws, you may be able to minimize your tax liabilities.  As experienced tax planning lawyers, we are able to help with your various tax-related and wealth transfer planning needs, such as—

  • IRS audits—avoid estate and income tax problems by consulting with a skilled lawyer
  • Real estate investments—defer tax obligations in investment properties and real estate transactions, including like-kind (IRS §1031) tax-free exchanges
  • Business formations—determining what type of business entity to form can make a considerable difference in the tax liability of the business; we ensure the appropriate entity is formed and facilitate business transfers and business transactions
  • Trusts—we help clients create trusts as an effective estate planning mechanism to transfer wealth to loved ones without probate and expensive estate tax liability
  • Gifting—transferring wealth to friends and family throughout your life can be an effective method to reduce the size of your estate and minimize estate taxes. We can help you maximize your gifting potential without subjecting you to gift taxes.
  • Philanthropy—giving to universities, charitable organizations, and non-profit organizations can be an effective method for tax savings. We can help you create charitable trusts and assist you with your substantial charitable donations.

Sophisticated tax planning and transactions

We implement a team approach, working with you, your tax advisors, and financial planners to ensure that we maximize your wealth and minimize your taxes.

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