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Workers Compensation Attorneys

A debilitating work injury that renders you incapable of earning an income can cause emotional and financial tension.  Regular income is necessary for most families to keep up with a mortgage, bills, and daily financial needs.  An experienced workers compensation lawyer at Marks Clare & Richards, LLC can fight to obtain the financial compensation you deserve.

Obtaining full compensation for seriously injured workers

We understand that your neck injury, back injury, or brain injury has caused strain on your life and that of your loved ones.  With the serious extent of the injury, it seems unfair that your workers compensation claim has been denied.  We work to show the insurance company how serious your injury is and that it occurred while performing duties of your job.

See how our workers compensation attorneys can help you

We are experienced at handling workers compensation claims.  We strive to help you understand and achieve what you rightfully deserve, including—

  • Temporary total disability benefits—if you are incapable of working for a period of seven days or more, you may be entitled to temporary weekly income benefits
  • Permanent disability benefits—permanent disability benefits may be awarded if you suffered a severe permanent disability that renders you incapable of ever returning to work, or if you have suffered a partial disability that limits your earning potential
  • Loss of earning power—if you suffered a catastrophic injury that renders you incapable of ever returning to work, or reduces your ability to do your old job, you deserve to obtain full compensation for your loss of ability to earn a living.
  • Vocational rehabilitation—your injury may reduce your ability to compete in the job market and you may qualify for vocational training to help you get a job

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If you have been denied workers compensation benefits, you need an experienced attorney who understands your challenges and is committed to getting you rightful benefits.  To discuss your claim with a Marks Clare & Richards, LLC workers compensation attorney, call 402-492-9800 or contact us online.


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