May 13

Biggest Fear: To Die Without a Plan

When life throws death in your face, as it has during this time of Covid19, the fear of not having a legally executed will hangs over the heads of most adults.

An estate plan that includes a will allows you to protect your wealth, to pay less taxes to the government and to decide who will receive your worldly possessions once you have passed.

Without a will, your most sentimental pieces of jewelry could end up in the hands of your sons’ wives.

Without a will your prized gun collection could be sold at auction.

Without a will your trophy husband of nine months could drive off in your shiny classic car with all your family heirlooms in tow.

These scenarios may seem like fiction, but they are, in fact, based on real life events. If you are worried that everything you’ve worked so hard for will be gone with the wind upon your death, then you need to face your fears and prepare for the worst case scenario.

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